SINCE 1983



The Shaftesbury Asset Management Group (the SAM Group) is a leading independent and entrepreneurial European real estate investment, fund and asset management firm with offices in France, Germany, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and Jersey, and representation in Spain.
The Group is both controlled and lead by its Managing Partners (who together aggregate over 100 years European real estate experience) and is widely recognized in the market.
The Shaftesbury Asset Management Group operates principally in continental Europe, offering a complete range of services, as a "one-stop shop" with made-to-measure solutions in all major European markets for Clients and Partners.







Main Focus

The Shaftesbury Asset Management Group concentrates on the larger economies and markets in Europe, where it has extensive and broadly based experience across a large spectrum of real estate and related assets and activities, including direct investment in real estate (offices, retail, hotels, logistics, warehousing, light industrial and residential), listed real estate, loans (performing and non-performing), all types of distressed real estate and securitization.

Our business is based on delivering superior investment performance to our Clients through the sourcing and structuring of investment transactions. We achieve such performance by using a results-driven approach, coupled with innovative and pro-active asset management, together with a robust capacity for managing risk.



Acquisition & Development

Through our wide-ranging investment background, with multiple types of investments and geographically diversified experience, we are able to propose diverse investment solutions to meet our Clients’ specific requirements.

Financing & Refinancing

Financing services are tailored to fit the risk profile and meet the requirements of each asset/ portfolio. The Group benefits from a strong track-record and long-term relationships with banks and institutions, as well as debt and mezzanine funds, providing immediate access to finance sources.

Asset Management

Our experienced local asset management teams and central portfolio management add value to the real estate investments through their pro-active culture, combining a rigorous annual business plan approval process, respect of written business policy procedures, clear delegations of authority and regular internal reporting.

Portfolio Management

Thanks to our exclusive and integrated IT systems, we offer to our Clients full portfolio management services. These services include risk monitoring, intra-group reporting, consolidation and cash management, which provide support for all decision-making processes.

Fund Management

The SAM Group includes an Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM), regulated by the Luxembourg Financial Regulator (the CSSF), providing the full fund management services in accordance with all applicable EU directives.


We enable comprehensive and dynamic reporting for our Clients by utilizing market leading technologies and exclusive integrated IT capabilities, allowing a direct link between asset/portfolio management functions, accounting and property operations. Clients are provided online access to all available information; which remain fully adaptable to individual preferences and needs.

Corporate Services

The Group includes a CSSF regulated corporate services subsidiary and offers appropriate corporate entity establishment, domiciliary services, administration services, director’s mandate services, corporate and legal compliance services, accounting services, tax compliance services, etc.


We provide our Clients with investment advisory services, based not only on our experience and expertise, but also through market insights and research on European real estate markets, as well as advice with regard to macro economic variables and financial markets.




Before investing, we define, optimize and establish a proper tax-efficient corporate structure based on individual Client requirements. We take care of the appointment of a tax expert and a lawyers' team, the implementation of the structure and the opening of bank accounts.



Using in-depth market experience, we recommend a portfolio allocation that will generate the optimal risk-adjusted return. Our Clients have the possibility to invest in existing investment vehicles or in a tailor-made portfolio. The strategy definition takes into account equity, leverage, asset size and class, targeted markets, expected return and risk spread. 



Our broad professional network creates an investment flow able to match our Clients’ specific strategy. We source opportunities not only through traditional channels, but more importantly, through off-market deals. The acquisition process is rigorously led by the partners and includes comprehensive financial analysis, risk identification by due-diligence teams, financing solutions and offers submission.



Following acquisition, we provide a return-driven Asset Management service, backed up by a comprehensive Portfolio Management service. Our fully integrated IT systems provide asset managers with the required information and top-notch tools to take pro-active decisions, and our Clients with personalized access to interactive online reporting.

“Our investment experience has taught us first that high-quality well located well financed property assets in major markets have performed best in market downturns and outperformed the market in times of growth, and second that good timing offers supplementary opportunities to buy or sell well. Successful real estate investments therefore require deep market knowledge/expertise, boots on the ground and the networks required to access both superior investment opportunities and above average risk-adjusted returns - these are the mantra which the Shaftesbury Asset Management Group continues to pursue for its Clients.”

Miles d'Arcy-Irvine
Chairman, SAM Group


20 Grosvenor Street

London - 2016

Acquisition of a newly redeveloped 43,200 sq ft office and retail building in Mayfair, for a private investment vehicle.

Hotel Skipper

Barcelona - 2016

Acquisition and asset management, for a private investor, of a 19,000 m² five-star hotel located in Barcelona’s iconic Olympic Harbour, featuring 231 guestrooms and 10 suites, 2 swimming pools, 4 restaurants and large conference facilities.

Neuer Zollhof 3

Dusseldorf - 2016

Acquisition of a landmark 10,600 m² office building designed by Frank Gehry for a private investment vehicule.

Grand Hotel Fairmont

Geneva - 2013

The asset management of the largest 5-star hotel complex in Switzerland, representing circa 68,000 (with 365 rooms, 47 suites and apartments, 3 restaurants, 23 boutiques, a theatre, night club, residential and office accommodation and 497 public car parking spaces).

Boulevard de La Tour 8-10

Geneva - 2015

Acquisition of 7,000 m² of office accommodation in Geneva’s banking district, for a private investment vehicle. 

Regent Hotel

Berlin - 2014

Acquisition and asset management of a 5-star luxury hotel in the heart of Berlin, offering 195 guest rooms and suites, Michelin starred cuisine, banquet facilities and wellness centre.


Junghofstrasse 13-15

Frankfurt- 2017

Banking District for the Shaftesbury Real Estate Partners 1 Fund.

Plaza Nueva 13

Seville - 2016

Acquisition of the freehold interest of a 6,400 m² mixed-use property located in the “Centro” district in Seville, for the Shaftesbury Real Estate Partners 1 Fund.

Diagonal Zero 

Barcelona - 2015

Acquisition for redevelopment as luxury condominiums, of a 20,000 m² residential project facing the Mediterranean Sea in the Diagonal Mar district of Barcelona, in JV for the Shaftesbury Real Estate Partners 1 Fund.

Janus Portfolio

Lower Saxony - 2017

Acquisition of 3 nursing homes totalling 7,800 m² located in Lower Saxony, Germany, for the Shaftesbury Real Estate Partners 1 Fund.


By numbers

> 1,250

REOs acquired in Continental Europe

> 65

European developments
completed (> 500k sqm)

> 40,000

European NPLs
acquired and monetised


European operating platforms

> EUR 10.0bn

 GDP of real estate related assets acquired or developed

By joint-ventures