Key Benefits

Consolidated Wealth Analysis

The Shaftesbury Asset Management Group can aggregate, at asset class level, all our Clients' assets, whether managed by us or via third parties, in order to offer an overall and asset class-neutral review.

"Tailor-made" Structuring

Based on individual Client requirements, we will optimize, define, establish and manage the holding structures for our Clients' real estate assets.

Optimised asset allocation

Using the Shaftesbury Asset Management Group's “look-forward” market assumptions, we recommend a portfolio allocation that will generate the optimal risk-adjusted return, given the Client's objectives.

Analysis of risk and return

We can apply the Shaftesbury Asset Management Group's state-of-the-art portfolio analysis and simulation techniques to provide each Client with sophisticated but comprehensible output.

Asset & portfolio management

We provide a return-driven pro-active and pre-emptive Asset Management service, backed up by a comprehensive Portfolio Management service.

"Tailor-made" implementation

All Client individual requirements can be taken into account - we devise and implement tailor-made solutions for our Clients.

Institutional grade investment

Together with our Clients, we establish a disciplined and risk-adjusted investment process for real estate activity, with the benefit of the Shaftesbury Asset Management Group's portfolio analysis tools, and its access to market and off market opportunities.

Our Expertise

Through our wide-ranging investment experience (refurbishments, developments, single-asset and portfolio acquisitions, listed real estate companies, going concerns, operating platforms, mezzanine financing, non-performing/sub-performing loans, etc), with various types of investments (offices, residential, hotel, warehouse, logistics, light industrial, etc.) and geographically diversified experience (UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, etc), the Shaftesbury Asset Management Group is able to propose investment solutions to meet our Clients’ specific demands. A rigorous investment process is led and managed by the partners, whilst being directed in detail by the country Managing Director in charge of the acquisition. During underwriting all risk factors are identified and analysed by the due-diligence team, both internal and external, and reviewed for approval by the Investment Committee. The Shaftesbury Asset Management Group’s track record and in-depth market experience create investment flow not only through traditional channels (agents and investment banks) but, more importantly, provide access to off-market opportunities.

Financing/Re-Financing services are tailored to fit the risk profile and enhance the requirements of each Client or Partner. The Shaftesbury Asset Management Group’s track record in financing the acquisition of listed companies, real estate developments, single assets, asset or loan portfolios and hotels, as well as capital expenditures through structured finance using mortgage, securitization and mezzanine financing, together with preferred equity, allows us to engineer optimal financing solutions for our Clients. The Shaftesbury Asset Management Group benefits from long-term relationships with financing banks and institutions, as well as debt and mezzanine funds, providing immediate access to financing sources.

The Shaftesbury Asset Management Group has experienced local asset management teams available across Europe:

  • With an entrepreneurial and pro-active culture, the company adds value to its real estate investments through re-positioning, letting and re-letting, technical monitoring of construction, turnkey contracts and capex, disposals, financing/ re-financing, market analysis and research.
  • Our asset management practice combines a rigorous annual business plan approval process, the respect of written business policy procedure, the delegations of authority and regular internal reporting.

Fully Integrated Management Systems (IMS) provide asset managers with the information required to make recommendations, take decisions and submit reporting. The Shaftesbury Asset Management Group delivers an operationally pre-emptive, Client-related, interactive service with regular reporting. We provide our Clients with personalised access to our fully integrated management systems (from property management, through asset and portfolio management, to accounting and reporting).

Thanks to our integrated IT systems, the Shaftesbury Asset Management Group offers full services in portfolio management:

  • Risk Monitoring:
    • Macro and micro economic risks
    • Interest rate risk/ foreign exchange risks
    • Asset allocation / concentration risks
    • Return risk
    • Tenant credit rating
  • Intra-Group Reporting:
    • Budget/expenditure monitoring
    • Leasing/lease breaks/re-letting requirements/indexation
    • Rental and service charge payments
  • Client Reporting:
    • Regular standard reporting
    • Performance of the investment
    • Comparison of actuals with business plans
    • Made-to-measure reporting

These services provide support for all decision-making processes. Whether the recipient of the service is a Client or a business unit (asset management, corporate management, finance), our firm provides tailor-made solutions.

Shaftesbury Corporate Management Services (Luxembourg) SA is an approved professional of the Luxemburg Financial Sector, providing its clients with personalized services, adapted to the requirements of evolving changes in local or international legislation. The principal services which we offer include:

  • Company set-up services
    • Establishment of legal entities including implementation of cross-border corporate structures, coordination of ongoing relations with local tax, legal, accounting, financial and other professional or commercial services
  • Domiciliation services
    • Provision of a registered office for legal entities
  • Directors’ mandate services
    • Provision of independent directors, managers and authorised signatories
  • Administration services
    • Handling of day-to-day corporate operations and follow- up with third-parties
  • Corporate & legal compliance services
    • Organisation of board and shareholder meetings
    • Maintenance of shareholder registers
    • Follow up on legal and other formalities
  • Accounting, reporting & compliance services
    • Maintenance of company books and preparation of periodical reports in accordance with local GAAP, US GAAP or the IFRS Standards
    • Preparation of statutory and consolidated financial statements in accordance with local GAAP, US GAAP or the IFRS Standards
    • Coordination with auditors and other professional adviser, as required
  • Tax compliance services
    • Preparation of corporate tax returns and balances
    • Maintenance of relevant contacts with local tax authorities
    • Preparation of VAT returns and maintenance of VAT records
    • Coordination with external tax and other advisors, as required

The above services ensure the appropriate substance requirements for our Clients.

Shaftesbury Fund Management (Luxembourg) SA is an approved AIFM (Alternative Investment Fund Manager).